Prime Traffic Guard

Frequently Asked Questions
  • You can easily manage your store traffic, you need to create an simple action like as redirect customers to their home store and block unwanted visitors based on their country or IP address. Simply Go to the menu Rules List > Create New Rule
  • We provide Traffic Report feature in the app, whereby you can see your customers activity in Traffic Report. You can see Traffic Report on the app Rules Report, also you can see View Full Report, you need to click on "View Full Report" button.
  • Simply go to the "Rules List" menu and Click on "Create New Rule" Button, whereby you can create rules.
  • Simply go to the "White List URL" menu and Enter comma-separated URLs in Input field and click on Save settings button.
  • To remove the app snippet from theme, simply go to the Help menu and Click on the button "Remove Script Code in The Theme"

To manually remove the app snippet from theme, follow the steps:-

  • In Store Admin Panel Click on Online Store >> Themes >> Actions >> Edit Code
  • Click on theme.liquid file in Layout section
  • Go to top of liquid file within <head> tag and find the <prime-traffic-guard> ... </prime-traffic-guard> section
  • Now remove the all code between <prime-traffic-guard> ... </prime-traffic-guard>
  • Click on the Save button to apply the changes